New Senegalese President, Bassirou Faye Appoints Controversial Ally As Prime Minister


The newly sworn-in Senegalese President Bassirou Diomaye Faye has made his first announcement.

Faye on Wednesday announced the appointment of Ousmane Sonko as the country’s new prime minister.
Sonko, who was barred from running in the recent presidential race, is known for his opposition to corruption and criticism of the elites.
The conservative Muslim politician also has a pan-Africanist outlook.
Despite being convicted on charges of libel and abuse, Sonko enjoys the support of the youth in Senegal.
Faye, who himself was previously jailed, won the presidential elections with more than 54% of the votes.
The government candidate, Amadou Ba, secured 35.79% of the vote, NAN reports.

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