Fighting Nigeria's Unemployment Through Youth Participation In Sports


Sport in many parts of the world is a unifying factor for different people irrespective of creed language. In other words, sport can be a business of empowering the youth to pursue career opportunities.

On the other hand, unemployment is a worldwide phenomenon. The unemployment rate in Nigeria left a lot to be desired. Over the years, research has indicated that a low percentage of Nigerian youths participate in sport and which is a factor that accounts for the youth unemployment rate facing the country today. 

However, in developed countries of the world, sport is seen as a career option for the teeming youths to pursue a career in any sporting activity. In European countries, for instance, government policies are put in place to support every child's participation in sports which has positively contributed to the speedy development of their country. 

Alas, the Nigerian government has been paying lip service to sports development in the country, which has made a lot of youths hopeless, thereby making them engage in criminal acts such as Internet fraud and other immoralities. 

The following measurement are some of the ways to curb unemployment through the promotion of sport in the country;

 First, the government at all levels must make it mandatory for children from all parts of the country to participate in sporting activities right from their primary education till tertiary level as this would allow some of them the opportunity to venture into sports of their choice. In Europe, countries have implemented this kind of policy and have helped them to produce professional athletes, footballers among other various sports. In Jamaica, the Inter-House Sports competition was made compulsory for all schools in the entire country to get the best athlete to represent their country in the Olympic games. Today, Jamaica is a force to reckon with in athletics throughout the world. 

Adequate funding

Developed countries would not have made progress if not for the continuous funding given to sport in their country. In Nigeria, the federal government and all the state governments should replicate the same process by allocating money in the country’s yearly budget to finance our sport sector. By doing this would further strengthen the sports sector and make it more proactive in the nearest future.

There is need for private companies, business conglomerates and other corporate establishments to also support youth participation in sport by funding the ministry in order to support grassroots sport. 

Sport Diversification

Today, there are over a thousand sports in the world for which sports should not limit to a few options in the country. There is a need for the government to diversify into other sports to provide more opportunities.

 Sports like Cricket, Swimming, Canoeing, and cycling should be tapped into to encourage more youths to partake in the sport. These would also generate more employment opportunities for many Nigerians. Besides, there will be more job opportunities and commercialization throughout the country for companies, investors, talent scouts, coaches, referees, agents, etc.

In conclusion, sport should be a veritable outlet in Nigeria which should be used to tackle the unemployment rate affecting the country today.

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