[Music] Demmy Boy – Mariam


“Mariam” is a heartfelt song about unrequited love. The lyrics and melody express the singer’s longing for a beautiful girl named Mariam, who doesn’t know how he feels. With emotional music and a powerful chorus, the song connects listeners to the universal experience of desiring someone who doesn’t feel the same way. “Mariam” takes you on a moving journey through the complexities of unattainable affection.

Demmy Boy

Ademola Ogunmolasuyi popularly known as Demmy Boy was born and raised in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria. The exceptional musician who has captured the hearts of fans with his captivating Afro-fusion sound, with an artistic blend of Pidgin, English, and Yoruba.

Demmy Boy’s music weaves together richcultural influences and heartfelt storytelling to create a truly unique musical experience.From an early age, Demmy Boy found solace in music, using it as a means to express hisdeepest emotions and connect with others.Drawing inspiration from his personal lifeexperiences, he effortlessly translates thecomplexities of love and the ups and downs of everyday life into soul-stirring melodies and infectious rhythms.

Listen to Demmy Boy’s new song Mariam HERE

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