I’m The Wealthiest Nigerian Artiste - Wizkid Boasts As He Demands Respect From Musician

 He said if he decides to give up music today, he would still remain ‘everybody’s daddy’. 

Nigerian musician, Wizkid has stated that he's the wealthiest singer in Nigeria.
He made the claim on Sunday.
According to him, fellow musicians must henceforth address him with respect, as he said they are‘niggas and babies’.
The ‘Essence’ singer whose highly anticipated album, “More Love Less Ego” is set to be released on November 4 bragged that he’d yet remain the wealthiest artiste.
He said if he decides to give up music today, he would still remain ‘everybody’s daddy’.
Still flexing his egoistic muscles, Big Wiz promised to initiate classes for other ‘niggas’ where they can come learn how to make smart business choices with a view to get all they deserve with less work.
“I can stop touching the mic today and y’all lil niggas still can’t touch the wealth! Even if u ask ur dad and mom for help #moreloveLessEgo #EveryBody’sDaddy”, said Wizzy.
“Also soon I’ll open a class for u niggas to come learn how to get all you deserve with less work and smart business choices,” he wrote.
Furthermore, Starboy instructed his ‘babies’ to ensure they add the prefixes, sir or daddy to his name from this point on.
He added: “Moving forward! “Y’all address me as Sir or daddy before u mention my name! Ok babies!” 

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