This Is Cruel, How Can Chrisland School Do This - Ubi Franklin Reveals Name Of School Where 10-year-old Girl Was Allegedly Gangr*ped By Her Classmates

 Ubi revealed the name of the school while accusing them of taking long before telling the child's parents.


Popular music exec and blogger, Ubi Franklin, has revealed the name of school where a 10-year-old girl was allegedly gang-r*ped by her classmates.

According to him, after they committed the heinous act, they filmed it and shared the video online.

Recall that on Sunday, he shared the terrifying story of how his friend's daughter who left for Dubai to represent her school in a competition was allegedly  gang-r*ped a month ago, and the video was posted online.

Disclosing the name of the school, Ubi wrote;

''2:20 Am. Just left my friends residence, you will weep if you see my friend and his Wife How can Chrisland school do this? It took you a month to tell her parents? Sent her a suspension letter after her family started raging. This is cruel and disgusting''



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