Lagos Pastor Allegedly Sodomises Three Boys On Pretence Of Releasing ‘Power’ Into Them


A Pastor in Lagos State, Elijah Emenendu, of the Chapel of Revelation Deliverance Ministry, has been arrested by the police for allegedly having carnal knowledge of three brothers on the “pretence of transferring the power of God into them through anal sex.

A human right activist with Advocates For Children and Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN) narrated how the crime was allegedly committed.

Afterwards, the Pastor allegedly informed the boy that to experience the power of God, he would release the power into him through anal sex.

The boy reportedly agreed to the plan but ended up in severe pains coupled with bleeding from the anus.

The advocate further alleged that Pastor Emenendu copulated with the young man four times in a week inserting dangerous objects into his anus including a mop stick. The pastor also allegedly used syringe need to tickle the young man’s scrotum and navel.

The human rights activist proceeded to abuse the younger brother to the victim by first teaching him how to masturbate.

He said, “He started by prophesying that God wanted the eldest to stop “yahoo”, taught him how to masturbate, then told him that he wanted the boy to experience the power of God and he would release power into him through anal sex.

The human rights activist expressed;

The boy agreed but was bleeding from the act and was in severe pains. The pastor had sex with him four times in a week, twice a day, inserted mop stick into his anus, used syringe need to prick his scrotum and navel. The boy has been living with him since last year and endured sex episodes with him.

He added;

From the first boy, the pastor moved to his immediate younger brother and taught him masturbation. He moved to the little brother and had sex with him too. He made them have sex with each other in his hotel room after church service. These boys are badly messed up. The greatest deception is to sodomise boys in the name of God. The case has been transferred from Ajeromi police Station to Area B command.

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