I Didn't Build My New Mansion With Fraud Money - Comedian Brother Solo

 Nigerian comedian, Brother Solo has broken his silence after building a multimillion naira mansion.

Comedian, Brother Solo has denied claims that he used money from fraud/scam to build his new mansion.
He added that he is not involved in any form of money ritual.
This comes after some people made the insinuation on social media.
He reacted in an interview with Punch revealing that he shares his skits on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
Brother Solo also known as Laughpills said; “It is ridiculous that some people are saying I built my house from the proceeds of either Internet fraud, money ritual, or drug trafficking because many people didn’t pay attention to those days when I was suffering. Unfortunately, they are out there misjudging me when I’m becoming successful.

I bought my land in 2019, and for about two years, I did not touch the land because I didn’t have the money. The community boys then resold the land to someone else. I had to fight hard to regain the land. I am glad that I now have my own house. The joy I feel cannot be explained. I built the house from scratch.

People are allowed to say whatever they like due to what’s going on in the country. However, it is very wrong of them to have such an impression of me. It is very bad that many people think most skit makers are into Internet fraud. Some people even claimed that I must have been laundering money for politicians or doing other illegal things.

People only saw the beautiful edifice that was posted by acquaintances to congratulate me, they were not there when I was buying cement and taking them to the site. There were times I would go to the site to spend just N100,000 on the building and go back home with the hope that things would get better. Being a young man with prospects, I had to think deep because I am married and I have a child, yet I didn’t have a house.”

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