FULL EP: Scubeat Asarailu (Roth) – Illumine


Biography: Scubeat Asarailu(Roth)

 Scubeat Asarailu aka Roth as international associates knows him,   he is the President of  Illumine Nation, Illumine nation is the first official association for artists  in Ago Iwoye Ogun State, Nigeria.  With certificate of recognition from the government.  According to his research and experience on sound wave, he received an invitation from Nikola Tesla museum at the Adams power plant in Niagara falls New York  (USA), where the first hydro-electric power plant  was invented which results to the  Alternative Current(AC)/ Modern day technology, for a quantum experiment on geo acoustic technology and hurricane frequency calibration with James Missall who is the current President of the Showland LLC in the museum. 
Scubeat is multitalented professional Sound engineer, Music producer, Beat creator,  Songwitter, Rapper, Event planner, Radio host,  Hypeking, MC etc . He as legal connection with national and international associates in Countries like UK, USA, Canada, Mexico etc... After a lot of productions and collaborations Asarailu decide to step out of the shadow from the studio to release this wonderful EP title ILLUMINE as a specimen to global sampling collection.
Illumine ft Jade Marie (UK)
Happy Daze Prod by Kazinah and Prism  (Canada)
Bye gone ft Nicole Haber (Canada)
Move ft Mena Ribelles (Mexico)
Ridiculous mind ft Phil (USA)
Hyper Prod by Dakota Woods(Canada)
Rapture Prod by Scubeat Asarailu ft xxx (Nigeria)
To listen on audiomack 

https://audiomack.com/scubeat/album/illumine-2Listen on audiomack

For inquires and sponsorship +2348117371041 
Facebook: Roth Squbit 
Intagram @illumine369 
Email: Illumineassociation@gmail.com

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