#BHACHE: Brighton Stuns Chelsea For The Second Time This Season

 Thomas Tuchel's men suffered a shocking draw in the hands of Brighton for the second time in just three weeks on 18th January 2022. This came as a shocker to many who had thought that this was a must-win for Chelsea because a win for Chelsea today would have propelled them back into the second position, even though Manchester City and Liverpool would have had a game in hand.

Chelsea's current form has become worrisome as the Premier League title ambition seems to be slowly coming to an end. A draw in 3 out of 4 games is a stat the Chelsea manager would not be happy about. Since the absence of the major wingbacks in Ben Chilwell and Reece James due to injury, Chelsea has struggled to pick up points in all competitions.

According to a post-match interview, Tuchel confirmed that the Chelsea tea was mentally tired, emphasizing on the fact that they did not have enough time to prepare for the game hence they had not played to their full capacity.

Questions as to if the champions of Europe would be forced to make signings before the January 2022 transfer window closes have continued to arise. With numerous players linked in and out of Chelsea, we can only hope the best decisions are made in terms of signing the club actually needs.

Mason Mount

Other clubs below Chelsea would look to close the gap and limit the points as their fight for the top 4 in the premier league continues. Antonio Conte's men stand a chance to close the gap with 5 games in hand and Arsenal also has 3 games in hand and looks to close the gap.

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