Ogun Set To Hold Fashion Show In Ijeb


Another great event set to hold in October as Ijebu fashion brand to hold Fashion a parade. Since, fashion is old as man himself.

 Fashion remain one of the oldest cultural artifacts known to man, Fashion as evolve beyond the Adamic need to cover nakedness to a medium of self expression.

 Fashion as evolve to be one of the leading global industries. Africa as a continent as taking a place of pride in this ever growing global industry .

 Yet , there is need for local engagement of creatives at the grassroots.
Ijebu Fashion Festival  is a local  platform that is designed for fresh and emerging designers and artists who want exposure but do not have great finances for international shows or organize their own private shows. We also avail them the opportunity to showcase and mingle with established designers and other stakeholders in the industry.

Our main focus is to use fashion as an instrument of sustainability, social change and to celebrate our common heritage as an ethinic with is own unique fashion trends. Also, we seek to create awareness, recognition and appreciation of budding and local designers in  Ijebu community. Oftentimes, in fashion discourse, the  efforts of these local creatives are gloss over . 

We believe that for creativity to grow, there is  needs for a platform that promotes and supports its growth, therefore,  Ijebu is ready to give all to Ogun fashionista. 

      The event is a compendium  of different fashion event such as fashion show, trade Fair, master class, fun night, pageantry, gala/dinner night, auction and lots more. As  a social enterprise, we hope to  provide a platform which help to promote Ijebu  brands through worldwide visibility.  

For more enquiry, sponsorship and partnership contact +23408102471462 or @ijebu_fashion_festival on Instagram.

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