[Music] Goodson – Freedom


What is love???

Love is that enduring value of a person that gives you sense of his/her important to you as a object of your favor.

Therefore God loves you,you are special and valuable to him,you are so special and valuable to him that he takes a record of your hair.
Jesus said every hair of your head is numberd,noticed and counted,that means every strans of your hair has a code number from God,None of them fall’s off without him recording it, Glory to God.

This is a care of God for each one of us,if you understand His love for you all that crying and feeling sorry for yourself because of what you going through will be unnecessary,you give no room to selfishness and greed,He cares so much for you,He Love’s you personally in particular.
1corentians 12vs27

Show love to everyone in Igedenation irrespective of our colors, family or background.One love God bless Nigeria,God bless Benue state and God bless Igedenation (Freedom by GOODSON… written by GOODSON (Prod by wwG)


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