Nigerian Journalist, Funmi Iyanda Laments Over Underfed Animals In A Zoo In Kaduna (See Details)

Nigerian journalist and broadcaster, Funmi Iyanda has called out the cruelty of a wildlife park in Kaduna housing underfed animals.

According to images shared online by a Nigerian photographer identified as Austyn with username @Austynzogs, alleged that animals held in Gamji Gate zoo in Kaduna are underfed and starving almost to the point of death.

Taking to Twitter, Funmi Iyanda juxtaposed the society with the Lions, hyena, crocodile, and baboon all looking skinny in the images shared by Austyn.



“Such a strong society metaphor. Cage something so powerful and beautiful, reduce it to an unrecognisable version of itself until it dies is typical mindless cruelty.

The mindlessness is what makes it so effective because the cruelty is unplanned, slow and casual. It just is.”

See her Tweet below:-

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