‘Fornicators Have No Right To Judge LGBTQ Community’ – Crossdresser, Jay Boogie

 Nigerians who engage in fornication have been told they have no right to judge another human.

Nigerians who fornicate have been told never to judge people who have a different sexual orientation.
This was the view expressed by Port Harcourt-based male crossdresser, Daniel Anthony, alias Jay Boogie.
According to him, it is wrong for fornicators to judge the LGBTQ community.
The crossdresser also mentioned that men who support lesbianism also fall under the same category and they are not permitted to form an opinion.
According to him, 60% of queer people are born that way and it has given him a reason to question God.
Jay Boogie stated that nobody except God can give an answer as to why some people are gay and he advised people to stop being homophobic.
Read his full post below:

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