Man United Target, Jadon Sancho Introduces Omah Lay’s ‘Bad Influence’ To Friends (Watch Video)

Another positive news for Nigerian music as a video emerged showing long term Manchester United target, Jadon Sancho sharing Omah Lay’s blockbuster song ‘Bad Influence’ with his friends.
The English footballer was playing a game with his mates wherein he plays a song and they have to guess the title and the artiste.
None of his friends got the music title right but they immediately fell in love with the song and artiste.
Both friends praised Omah Lay and while live on a video, went ahead to download the hit music.
The musician has reacted to the video on Twitter, thanking Jadon Sancho for the exposure and claiming it “made his day.”
It has become a fact that Nigerian music industry is flowing with talents on all sides and the international world is beginning to fancy the tunes that come from there as well as the artistes.
England forward, Sancho and his friends apparently loved the song as Omah Lay’s ‘Bad Influence received rave reviews from them.

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