Beyonce And Jay Z Breaks The Internet As They Get Núde On Bed (Photos)

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are bringing the heat with the visuals released on their On The Run II tour. The mega stars recently set social media on fire with two NSFW pics that gave fans an unexpected look into the couple’s most intimate moments.
The Carters were photographed in bed with Beyoncé, who wore nothing but a thong, cuddled up alongside a Tople$$ Hov. Another pic showcased Jay-Z holding a visibly Nakked Bey at her knees.
As with most things concerning the Carters, the racy pics sent the BeyyHive into a frenzy on social media. Many members of the Hive were excited to see their fave posing in a jaw dropping pics. Other fans joked about how the pics came about.

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