Drama As Wife & Mother-In-Law Fight Over Who Will Sit In The Front Seat Of Her Husband's Car (Video)

A dramatic incident has taken place in public after a wife and mother-in-law fought in public over who will sit in the front seat of the husband's car.

Mother and daughter iin law fighting
A video has emerged showing the moment a wife and her mother-in-law fought over who will sit in the front seat of her husband's car.
While the wife insisted that she's legally married the man and has the right to sit in the front seat, the mother in-law obviously didn't buy that idea.
The altercation started after the man had obviousy picked up his mum earlier before getting to where his wife was waiting for him.
On getting there, the wife rudely asked the mum to move to the back seat and despite pleas from her husband remained resolute that the mum in law must change seats. Since it takes two to tango, the husband's mum also stayed put and insisted she is not changing position.
At the end, the man was forced to go away with her mother while being termed 'mama's boy'.
The question is: who is right and who is wrong?

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