Another War!! What Rapper AKA Is Saying Online After Nigeria Vs South Africa Match Can Cause WAR (See Details)

This is nothing but bullshit and the right Authority needs to intervene as what AKA is posting on Twitter can cause another Xenophobia attack on Nigerians in South Africa.
Football is suppose to be a game, that’s what it has always been and should remain – No one should take it too far to avoid stories that touches the heart.
On Wednesday night, Nigeria beat South Africa 2-1 at the ongoing AFCON and ever since then, popular South African rapper AKA has took to Twitter to tweet some disturbing comments which might lead to something disastrous if not properly handled.
Below are the Tweets the rapper tweeted after the match and it’s already causing serious problems on Social media.
These people are envious of Nigerians in many ways and this is the cause of the past Xenophobia attacks on Nigeria in South Africa.
Every South African person hate Nigerians with passion and would go any length to harm or kill Nigerians if they have the slightest chance to.
The part where AKA said “We keep on losing to Nigeria in every way” – I think he was even referring to Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy and others grabbing all the Music Awards, plenty thing dey pain this people.
The first Tweet where the first fool said “Nigerians are taking their women” –  is it our fault? South African men are generally lazy, they don’t want to work but as their Ladies knows Nigerians are ballers, they get close to us.
AKA’s comment must have triggered a whole lot in the mind of gullible South Africans, and if care is not taken, this might claim the life of so many Nigerians in South Africa.
Please, if you have anyone over there, please ask them to lay low for now, these people are nothing but Animals.

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