Regina Daniels Accused Of Using Voodoo On Billionaire Husband, Senior Wife Kicks

All seems to be unwell with the rumoured marriage between 22-year old actress Regina Daniels and billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko.
Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko
As expected, there is hardly peace in any polygamous home especially one in which money flows like the river. This makes the stakes very high with the key players trying to grab large chunks of the cash flow.
Regina Daniels who is the 5th wife of the 59 year old politician and businessman, Ned Nwoko posted 'Legit' on her Instagram and this attracted the response of her Moroccan senior colleague, Lina Ned Nwoko.
She blatantly accused Regina Daniels of using black magic to jinx Nwoko. She also alleged that Regina had rejected her foods while being unable to cook hers.
"Keep using Budoo on my husband, there comes an end date where u shall be disgraced soon," she said in her first comment.
Then she added; "What is legit? Voodoo not legit, you can't even cook yet you complain my cooks are serving you white man's meal...Soon you will b replaced, this charm will fade off"
Her attacks on Regina attracted the response of one of the sons of the Delta State Senator-elect named Emzy Ned Nwoko. Emzy urged Lina to hold her cool as he would speak to her on getting home.
Read how the drama played out below:
It would be recalled that Regina has been rocking the bank accounts of Nwoko since the marriage was announced. She has bought a mansion for her mom and also announced the acquisition of about four exotic cars.
She has also made a trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has been granted unfettered access to the luxurious vehicles of Ned Nwoko.

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