Kizz Daniel Deletes Demmie Vee’s “Surulere” Art Cover Off His Instagram Page, Even After Promising Support

Should we call it pride or seems another war is brooding in the FBI camp again?
Sometimes back, before the dropping of Demmie Vee‘s new single “Surulere“, the FBI boss, Kizz Danielpromised an undying support to the Act, after their beef was squashed.
It occurs to people that the whole beef and calling out was a public stunt cause Demmie Vee was planning to release a new song, until an insider report reached us that the whole wasn’t a stunt, and it was settled earlier than expected cause the both involved parties get everything settled amicably.
Kizz Daniel took to his Instagram page to show love to the sonorous voice singer, Demmie Vee by sharing is new song ‘Surulere” music cover on his Instagram page, and within a while the singer triggered off the comment feature, leaving a lot of Fans stranded and not being able to engage to the post.

However, it was recently brought to my notice that the supportive post Kizz Daniel posted on his page has been deleted off his page. Is something wrong again?

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