So Lovely!! Man Marries Lady Without Hands & Legs (See Photos)

Only a few “Special” men would marry a lady in this condition.
This is a beautiful picture story of a man who married a lady with partial limbs and he’s showing her off 😍😍
The wedding and honeymoon photos of a beautiful couple are going viral and the reason for this is quite obvious.
The beautiful bride has incomplete limbs. One of her hands stops at the elbow and the other just short of her shoulder. Her legs stop at the knee. But this did not stop her from having a great time at her wedding and honeymoon.
Though she’s lost her limbs, it’s easy to see why her husband fell head over heels in love with her. She’s got a beautiful face and a very lovely smile and also a happy disposition.
In spite of her condition, she’s seen smiling genuinely in all her photos. The groom also seems like a happy, satisfied man.

See more photos below:-

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