See The 5 Nigerian Artists Who Have Kept The Viral 'Shaku Shaku Dance' Very Much Alive

The viral shaku shaku dance is indeed a favourite among Nigerians and many artistes have helped keep it alive.
The Shaku Shaku dance is sweet, whether guiltlessly or shamefaced, we all vibe to it or have attempted it one time or another, for some of us, it looks good when we get it right, for others, it is a no-no for the future.
The dance has been bent in different directions and is no longer restricted to the streets of Agege, where it supposedly gets its origin from, it now includes artist from around the world, footballers, celebrities and even the new basketball video game, 2K19 have caught the bug.
Maleek Berry recently had UK rapper Chip dancing to shaku shaku, while Nigerians got upset after the Super eagles failed to show their moves following their win over Iceland at the World Cup, and even governors have joined in on the act.
But the viral dance has not lasted this long simply because of its catchy nature or the simplicity [or otherwise] of it, but a certain number of artists have consistently ensured the survival of the dance in their music videos or viral Instagram clips.
This is the last quarter of 2018 and one can convincingly say, that yes, 'Galala no dey do us again, Konto or Makoso have faded, but Shaku Shaku remains the new dance that reigns.'
Here are the five Nigerian artists that have kept Shaku Shaku alive
Olamide lays some claim as one of those household name artists who brought the 'shaku shaku' dance to the majority of the music audience.
From the moment he released 'Wo', he had unleashed a street anthem that coincided with the early virality of the dance.
Olamide's music videos do not exactly come out as extravagant, but it packs plenty of energy, especially when he is keeping it street.
You should definitely take a look at his video for 'Wo'  or 'Science Student' and see both the kids and elders digging the dance to their best.
Now, where does one begin with the Starboy? his videos are incomplete without the 'shaku shaku' dance, Wiz adds his own swagger to it that makes you feel like you are missing out on something special.

His steps in the video for Mu4ty's 'Commando' sent Twitter into an overdrive and when you see him on stage, you can be sure that his set is incomplete without the dance as a part of the package.
His songs 'Soco' and 'Fake Love' are tailor made records to help you properly enjoy the dance.
Tiwa Savage
Easily the queen of the game, from 'Codeine Diet' to the closing part of 'Lova Lova', Tiwa was oozing diva status as she dropped some of her unique dance steps.
Mr Real
From his fair skin colour to his hair, Mr Real is hard not to notice, and when Legbege came into town late in 2017, one could tell a movement was in the offing.
And there was no better place to confirm this than at one of the biggest music events this year.
The venue was the 2018 edition of the Headies award and sitting in front were big industry names and celebrities in their best outfits.
The award was taking the shape of a regular Nigerian event until the moment Mr Real and his dancers took to the stage.
Performing the hit song, 'Legbegbe', Mr Real turned the event into a music concert as the attendees lost every of their home training as they joined him in the shaku shaku dance.
There is something special about the man called Slimcase, and at times it is really hard to place.
From his adlibs or unending chants of 'Oshozondi', Slimcase brings his presence on every song and its impact leads to a catchy street anthem.
Another progenitor of the viral dance, Slimcase has succeeded in keeping the trend alive with top-notch features in songs like D'banj's 'Issa Banger' and DJ Enimoney's 'Codeine Diet.'
Even though of the listed names, Slimcase is one who is actually seen to dance the song the least, he, however, wears it in his personality, that everytime you see him, you can't but think of locking your hands together as you join him in a shaku shaku duel.

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