#SaintSamiGanja!!!! Controversy Over Google Tagging Slimcase Genre As "Christian Rap"

Google recently tagged the Rave of the Moment, Slimcase, the OH Baby  crooner,  genre as CHRISTIAN rap, This has been causing controversy among  peoples on the Social Media.
 Is the new street pop that of a Christian Rap?

Slimcase, born Oluwafemi Oladapo Oko-Eko, on August 21, 1985, grew up in Ikorodu, a place on the fringes of life in Lagos state. He was schooled and raised by the streets, where he honed his talent as a comedian. At the start of his career, music was a distant dream, one that he had never considered. He was a funny guy, who had designs to cash in on that. And so he began, performing for friends, family members, and the odd social gathering. But music found him.

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