#HijabIssue!! Should Firdaus Amasa Have Been Called To Bar?

Hi guys, I know we are used to me doing music posts but I thought, hey let’s do something some other important topics today, so here we go.
Yesterday, social media was in chaos following the news of a young Uni Ilorin Law graduate, Firdaus Amasa, who was refused entry into the Call To Bar ceremony because she refused to dress appropriately for the ceremony.
Firdaus, had opted to wear her Hijab tucked into her regalia before putting her wig on, an act that got her turned back at the ceremony.
Now, according to Firdaus during an interview with Premium Times, she knew this was going to happen, yet opted to go ahead despite also knowing this form of dressing is not in any way allowed.
Here is my take, if you as a lawyer who is vast in the laws of the country can be breaking the law and still have the effrontery to say you knew this was going to happen, what excuse do others who may not be so vast in the laws of the country yet break them, have?
Also, why do we have to run towards religion as an excuse for our not so good decisions? That same religion advises that the laws of the land be adhered to, so what exactly is Firdaus’ excuse here?
As a twitter user tweeted;
If Muslim lawyers should be allowed to wear Hijabs, then Deeper Life members should also be permitted to steer clear NYSC trousers, members of the Lords Chosen Ministry should be allowed to rock their vests and Celestial members their white garment, right? Right???
So guys;

Should Firsaus Amasa Have Been Called To Bar?

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