LAUTECH Students Go On Rampage As “B-Red” Failed To Turn Up After Collecting Money For Show

B Red is hitting the headlines once again for the wrong reasons. This time though, he is not fighting his more famous cousin and boss of DMW music label Davido. He is rather taking University students for a ride.
Just last week, he failed to attend a concert organized by the students of Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ile Ife. Maybe, he had a more pressing engagement than to attend a small university gig. But, obviously, he wasn’t too busy to collect money from the organizers of the show.
According to confirmed reports, he was paid the full amount to perform. Right now, there is no evidence he has refunded the money.
And just last night, he repeated the same stunt at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH).
According to reports, the 2016 graduating class decided to organize a show to celebrate that achievement. The popular Atimaggis Resort on campus was booked and paid for to host the show. A deal was struck with B Red to perform at the show.
The organizers agreed to pay him 50k upfront as his transport fare and 250k on completion of the show. And to show his ‘excitement’, he even posted about his LAUTECH gig on his Snapchat handle.
Tickets were sold for the show that was billed to start at 6 pm. Some paid as much as 20k for VIP seats.

Then the waiting began. After B Red was supposed to have arrived, he was nowhere to be found. The organizers were getting frantic. They called him several times to find out what was going on. He assured them he was on his way.
By 11 pm the show had to start without the star attraction. The plan was, filler gigs would keep the restless crowd occupied before he arrived. But, as you already know by now, he failed to turn up.

 Students had been waiting for over 7 hours to listen to B Red. And to cap it all, they began to feel it was a big scam to rip them off of their money.
You know students. What happened next was predictable. They went on a rampage destroying stuff in the hall. The organizers managed to escape without anyone getting seriously hurt.
The question now is how or why B Red has sunk so low? There is a worrying pattern here. Doing it to one school can be seen as something that could be explained easily; a freak occurrence.
But repeating the same thing to a different school in just a week reeks of something rotten. Many people would even go as far as calling it a deliberate action to scam innocent students of their money.
Whatever it is called, B Red has a lot of explaining to do. He collected 50k for transportation from LAUTECH students for F.uck sakes! And up to this moment, he has not called to explain why he didn’t show up and if he is going to refund that money.
In saner climes, he would be taken to court for breach of contract.
To be clear, B Red is not even an A-lister in Naija music scene. He is mostly known due to his connection to Davido and Sino Rambo, his cousin and brother respectively.
If he wants to make it big in the music industry, he should be able to keep his commitments to small-time organizers like students. They are his future fan base. They would be the ones to make or break his street cred.
Perhaps, the few singles and one EP he has released has gotten into his head. And he now thinks he can get away with anything.
Nevertheless, to help his fledgling career, B Red must come clean with the students of LAUTECH and OOU.

  • He must tell them why he refused to show up

  • He must issue an apology and refund all the money he collected

  • And if he is serious about letting the whole world know he is truly sorry, he must make it up to them by performing free in those schools.

B Red, the ball is in your court.

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