Abuja Based Slay Queen Spends 4 Days In Cell After Stealing Her Friend’s iPhone 6 (Photos)

A Nigerian slay queen, identified as Gold Ijeoma has been arrested after she stole her friend, Angel’s iPhone 6 of N125,000.
According to reports, Ijeoma paid her friend, Angel a courtesy visit, after which she spotted her friend’s brand new iPhone 6.
When Angel went in, to shower, and then after her bath, Ijeoma was nowhere to be found, including her new phone.
The victim then tracked her friend, and arrested her, where Ijeoma spent four days in the police cell..
Angel later went back to the police station, to plead for her friend, Ijeoma to be released and not to be charged to court.
Meanwhile Ijeoma had already destroyed the phone, tried unlocking the iCloud, changed the phone’s panel rendering the phone useless.
Angel later took to her Facebook page to share the details of the incident but later deleted it..

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