Falz Is Right, We Are Role Models To The Youth - Orezi Defends Falz

With the entire drama of fraud and the promotion of it by artistes presently causing a stir on the internet, with thousands taking large chunks of meat out ofFalz’sass for the statement, one artistes, who agrees with everything Falz, said is singerOrezi.
Speaking withPlanet TV, theCALL THE POLICEcrooner, said it is ”imperative‘ that artistes mind what they say and do on TV, as many watching them copy everything they see.

We are like role models to the society, and the younger ones and the youth in general, so whatever we say, they look up to us, they watch our videos, so it;s very imperative we should watch what we say or how we act when we are on TV.

Whose side are you on this? Share your thoughts below.

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