Beyonce turns her mansion into a maternity ward with $1.3 million

Whatever Beyonce wants Beyonce gets. The expectant mother has turned her Hollywood mansion into a maternity ward in anticipation of the arrival of her twins, and according to reports, it cost her a lot of money – a whooping $1.3 million. 

According to the Daily Mail, the renovation comes with entire professional neonatal wing. Medical equipment including incubators were seen being hauled into the home. Neighbors said that vans have been coming and going and they believe they were bringing in high-tech medical kits and supplies. 

The Carters probably want a private home birth because of what happened in 2012 during the birth of Blue. They couple used New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital and there were reports that patients later complained to the media about Beyonce’s large entourage. The patients claimed they were unnecessarily “heavy handed” and that visitors were not permitted

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