Female Artistes Are Not Respected In The Industry – Yemi Alade

Singer, Yemi Alade, in a new interview, has revealed what her staying power in the music industry is.
The ‘Nakupenda’ crooner, who recently sat down for an interview The Sun newspaper, also talked about her album, and a few other issues.
Read excerpts:-
Last year was a fulfilling one for you as you got endorsed by many brands. Is the pressure getting to you?
No it isn’t. It is better to have so much to do than to be idle. And you know, one can’t get endorsed by similar brands at the same time. If after one or two years your contract expires, then, perhaps, a much more competitive brand would want to take over. 
What project are you doing at the moment?
Well, I am still pushing my last album, Mama Africa. And I have dropped like four videos off the album. They include Mama Africa, Koffi, Nagode and Ferrari. And besides, I am working on more videos which would be released very soon. 
Your last album was quite Afro-centric, what prompted that decision?
That was the focus. After all, the title is Mama Africa; it definitely had to be Afro-centric. 
The music industry is dominated by male artistes, does that put pressure on you?
The pressure is there because I have to keep up with what my male counterparts are doing. It is also tough and challenging because in Africa, women are always looked down upon so there are a lot of physical and psychological issues that we tackle as African female artistes whether you are A-List or Z-list. Well, I have chosen to be on God’s list. 
What is Yemi Alade’s staying power?
It is definitely God all the way day in day out. And also the team that doesn’t sleep. Shout out to Effizzy Music Group and of course, there is the passion because money can’t buy passion.

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