The Adorable Moment Neo Hugs And Settles Rift With Cousin, Venita Amid Breakup Rumour With Vee (Video)

 A video of the duo hugging each other went viral on social media on Tuesday.


Neo and Venita

Neo and Venita

Ex-BBNaija housemate, Neo Akpfure and his cousin Venita have settled their differences amid the break-up rumour with his girlfriend, Vee.

A video of the duo hugging each other went viral on social media on Tuesday.

See Video Below;

This comes after Neo and his girlfriend Vee sparked a break-up rumour on social media.

Reacting to the rumour, Vee in an Instagram live video told critics to mind their business.

“My answer is minded your business. When I go home, are you here with me? Do you live with me? Do you shower with me? Do you sleep with me? Do you watch TV with me? Noo. This is all you see.

“I have never come on social media to announce any part of my personal life. And it’s never going to happen now. So my advice is for you to mind your business. If everybody minds their business, life will be running smoothly. You shippers, you are in my DM, you are in my Twitter. You are in my Snapchat asking me the same questions,” 
she wrote.

Venita had expressed disapproval over Neo’s relationship with Vee which led to the cousins falling apart.

The mother of two in an Instagram live session on Monday, October 12, 2020, exclaimed: “God forbid” when the person sitting next to her coined the word “Veeoo” from Neo and Vee.

Neo’s sister Obatare also warned her against meddling in the affairs of her brother, adding that she is only a cousin to Neo and has no right to interfere with his choice of life partner.

On June 23, 2021, Obatare tweeted: “Venita a word is enough for the wise but I know you are far from wise, don’t text me again. You are only a cousin and there’s is no upgrade to that. Let Neo and Vee…Your opinion is still not needed… now let me send all the rubbish you sent to me so people know how dull you are…It’s a pity we share surnames.

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