Talent Manager Knocks IrokoTV Boss for Boasting That He Pays N4-5million As School Fees for His Child

 Jason Njoku has been condemned after boasting on social media that he pays over N4.6m as school fees for his 3-year-old child.

A Nigerian talent manager, Kara has expressed displeasure with IrokoTV boss, Jason Njoku who boasted that he pays over N4.6 million as school fees for his 3-year-old child.
Recall that we wrote a story of how Njoku said this while replying a Twitter user who had complained about the exorbitant amount schools are now charging.
Reacting to Njoku's boast, Kara called it silly.
She wrote:

"This is a move to create a clique of elitists based on materialism. Can you also buy actual excellence because the value of an education doesn’t only lie on a wealthy network but also talents, skill and the ability to think and create out loud productively. A combination of these factions is more beneficial than breeding a bunch of spoiled lazy brats in fancy environments. Sometimes the streets have something to teach. An example of this is you as you are @jasonnjoku because you learnt the hard painstaking way to be what you became. Instead of using that knowledge and tool... you buy into a notion that putting your children on a cushy path will make them better than you? Silly."
She added: "There just needs to be a balance. It was the role of the government to create this balance in our society but alas their incompetence reigns supreme. ..so the biggest purses reign over all else"

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