Nigeria Youths Should Take Advantage Of Yahaya Bello's Offer To Transfer Power To The Youth – Olu Adebanjo's Granddaughter Charged

The clamour for the inclusion of young Nigerians in governance system in Nigeria is long overdue. Many conferences, symposiums and workshops have been organised and held by diverse categories of people and groups in this regard. Both from the government and non governmental bodies, the call have remain the same but the irony of our situation is the fact that many in government are not ready to walk the talk. The sincerity of youths inclusion in government is the dilemma Nigerian youths are confronted with today. It is just like a case of conspiracy theory by many leaders just to be seen  as being youths friendly. In fact, many in their old age still claim to be young at heart just to claim and take over any opportunity set aside for the youths. What a tragedy!

As a young Nigerian lady who is passionate about politics and governance having being mentored by my late grandfather, Otunba Timothy Olufunmilopeda Adebanjo, founding editor of the defunct Daily Express, former Special Adviser on Information to former President, Alhaji Shehu Shagari and a foremost chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) on what leadership entails, I took it a personal duty to assess and survey the place and role of the youths in the current political settings in the country. I took time to research on the administration of all the state governors in the country elected since 2019 to assess the place of youths in their administration. The revelation was shocking that only Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state truly measures up to standard in term of youths inclusion. In fact, he deserves an award of excellence in this regard

As a student in Olabisi Onabanjo University and a member of a youth advocacy group called Advocates for Collective Transformation and Youths Empowerment Movement established in Ogun state by the National Secretary Prince Tolu Ajayi, I am privileged to have engagement with many youths in the country and I truly understand the plight of many of my generation. Prince Tolu Ajayi who is also the State Chairman of the Young Progressive Party in Ogun state is a man of many paths who has always been involved in youths enlightenment and empowerment, calling for the involvement of youths in politics. It is on this basis that I have personally organised workshops and lectures in my little capacity to get many youths involve in politics. Using the influence of the same advocacy group, I have empowered a number of youths in the area of ICT and also facilitated trainings in areas of make up, hairdressing, bead making, sewing, soap making among others. These has been some of my contributions to the development of my generation as mentored by my late grandfather, Otunba Olu Adebanjo.

It's in view of the coming presidential election in 2023 that the Ogun State Publicity Secretary of the Young Progressive Party, Comrade Salami Taiwo Ramon organised a political summit for the youths in Ogun state. This summit was one that exposed the fact that Nigerian youths must get it right in the coming 2023 presidential election. It was at this forum that the choice of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state as president come 2023 was further affirmed by every young Nigerian present. It was a great joy to me that many youths are already thinking in my direction of thought which was based absolutely on the result of my personal survey.

If I cannot change the world, at least I can change the mindsets of many of my generation positively. My contribution to a better Nigeria for the young generation is part of what I'm presently offering by calling on the youths to take advantage of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state to transfer power to our generation away from our grandfathers who have refused to leave the political stage for the young generation. Governor Yahaya Bello is the only governor in the country today who has a thirty-eight years old as Chief of Staff. His commissioners, advisers and others in his cabinet are young Nigerians and are all performing excellently well. He has shown that Nigerian youths are highly resourceful, productive and progressive and can replicate the same if given the opportunity at the national level. Nigeria must not miss the opportunity to have Governor Yahaya Bello as president come 2023.

In view of the ongoing Registration and Revalidation exercise of the All Progressive Party, I enjoy Nigerian youths to take full advantage of the exercise to get involve in the mainstream politics by registering with the APC no matter the political party many might have belonged. It time is now to do away with other parties and join the APC. Despite my membership with the Young Progressive Party, I've registered with the APC in my ward as I've denounced my membership of the Young Progressive Party to actualise the coming of Governor Yahaya Bello as president in 2023. It is clear that no other political party can take the youths and the young generation to her destination of political liberation except the APC through Governor Yahaya Bello. It will be a great mistake for Nigerian youths to miss this opportunity of attaining generational leadership status through Governor Yahaya Bello.

On a final note, I'm using this medium to join other Nigerian youths to call on Governor Yahaya Bello to please come out and contest the coming presidential election as he has our maximum support. It won't be surprising if Nigerian youths drag Governor Yahaya Bello to court if he refused to run in the coming presidential race or step down for any reason whatsoever.

As a youth and a young Nigerian, I'm adding my voice to the call by millions of my generation for Governor Yahaya Bello to come and rescue and liberate our generation by contesting the 2023 presidential election and we assure him our absolute support.

God bless GYB. 

God bless Nigeria.

Oyedoyin Adebanjo

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