Can we meet you?
-My name is Miss Paulina Ugwuru. First daughter of my family. I love to read, watch movies and try on new recipes. I’m very reserved and neat to a fault. I’m currently Miss Starlet Africa 2020/2021.

Miss Starlet Africa Interview with Essenceloaded TV

Tell us about your Background
Well I grew up in Lagos. Where I had my primary and secondary education. I’m from a very strict Christian background. My dad is a retired civil servant. My mum is a business woman. I’m from Benue State.

Miss Starlet Africa Interview with Essenceloaded TV
Tell us about your title and How did you feel when you won the crown.
Miss Starlet Africa is a brand owned by MT Entertainment. This is the second edition of the contest and it’s an honor to hold the title. I felt more than excited in fact I was overwhelmed. Out of 32 contestants, I emerged as the winner. Being the crowned queen gives me an opportunity to pursue my humanitarian services. This brand is focused on child cancer awareness and care. With this platform, I intend to bring to the limelight the necessary steps needed to create more awareness on that. Thereby rendering my selfless service to humanity.

Miss Starlet Africa Interview with Essenceloaded TV
Tell us about your ambition in life and your pet project.                                                     
I’ve always had a passion to build a strong and vibrant youth that will emerge as great leaders of change for tomorrow. Teaching them how to channel their passions into an income. Be the voices of change we need for a brighter tomorrow, my pet project will be focused on that. Creating an NGO that will be solely responsible for that. Creating more provisions for skills acquisitions and enlightenment programs alongside motivational talks that will create in them the hunger to live a positive life and be successful. Also catering for children living with cancer and necessary steps to help ensure they get the best medical attention needed. Remember we the youths are the future leaders of tomorrow and the preparation for that starts now.

Miss Starlet Africa Interview with Essenceloaded TV

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?         
I see myself owning a big NGO for the well-being of the youths. A multimillion business empire covering up different business ventures. Happily married with two kids at least and taking exotic vacations all over the world and most of all still rendering my service to God in his vineyard. I’m a lover of Gods word and teachings.

What is your advice(s) for aspiring beauty queens.                                                             
My advice to aspiring beauty queens – I’m not going to preach to you to do this or that because different strokes for different people. But always remember this, be positive, focused, and determined. Never look down on yourself and never look down on anyone, don’t ever feel you’re in a competition with someone. Be yourself and work on your attitude, personality and confidence. Don’t be too thirsty for opportunities, let go and let God do it for you. Always remember God in everything you do and see how you’ll excel.


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