“Your Boyfriend Must Pay You For Sex Because It Is Not Free” – Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim has made a post on her Instagram page suggesting that men have to pay their girlfriends whenever they have sex with them because in her own words, “Nothing in this world is for free”.
The beautiful actress posted a video of a Nollywood movie where the mother was advising the daughter to go back to a man she slept with for money because, in this hard economy, nothing is for free.
In the video, the woman said to her daughter:-
“You slept with a man for free in these hard times, get up right now, go back to his house and tell him to pay you. Tell him nothing in this world is for free ”
Is this the advice Juliet Ibrahim is giving to the youth now?
Sharing this video on her Instagram page, Juliet Ibrahim captioned it:
“Nothing in this world is for free… advice of the century #nollywood”

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