Chioma Avril Makes It Clear She Isn’t Ready To Share Her Assurance From Davido

Shortly after Davido left a so in-love emoji on a new photo his girlfriend, Chioma Avril shared on his Instagram page, a ‘thirsty’ follower tried getting some attention from the superstar with her own love emojis.
Well, Chioma Avril who reacted to the move, used a mean faced emoji to secure her territory. Ahah, we just discovered that she is a jealous person o!!
Here is the exchange below:
Davido’s girlfriend Chioma Avril on the other hand, is gradually climbing the ladder of social media success, yeah if there is something like that.
Lol! The beautiful chef and only woman to Davido’s heart got verified on Instagram, that’s a huge success right there people.
The celebrity chef after the romance showered on her by Davido on her birthday, had her followers skyrocket to over 240k followers, what greater ways can one know that they have made it in life? Lol.
The sky has no limits for the relationship between Davido and his gorgeous girlfriend, Chioma Avril. She looks happy, Davido looks happy, he is creating amazing songs back to back, going on tours all over the world, sweeping awards at award shows and even influencing Chioma’s life with a new multi-million endorsement deal.
When Chioma turned 23, a few days ago, Davido who has been open about their relationship took it a step further by presenting a Porshe car as a gift to an obviously shocked Chioma.
Davido shared the video of him presenting Chioma with the gift on his Twitter and Instagram handles with friends and admirers watching closely.
The singer disclosed to guests that he has known Chioma’ over the last five years and plan to spend the rest of his life with her.
The singer also took a swipe at “So many niggas” who “are in love but they scared to show it.

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