“Iyabo Ojo Is Dating My Politician Husband, She Has Used Juju On Him” – Wife Cries Out

A concerned woman is now accusing popular Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo of using Juju to control her husband.
The woman who identified herself as Tito today wrote a lengthy letter of how her husband, an Ibadan-based politician has been spending lavishly on the actress since she met her at a function late last year.
The woman who refused to reply our inquiry said she saw a series of text messages from the actress on her husband’ android phone last week and since then, she’s been having sleepless night as her husband has suddenly stopped coming home since she confronted him.
To cut the long story short, Tito is threatening to release the screenshot of Iyabo Ojo conversation with her man if she doesn’t stop the affair.
Here is a summary of the 2000 long letter;
“Please if you people know the Yoruba actor Iyabo Ojo, I want you to send this letter to her, this Oloriburuko Odoko obinrin (adulterous woman) has put my honey among the men in her calabash as everything she demands from him is what he is now doing.

My fear now is that she will demand that we all move out of our home for her to occupy. I don’t know what she is using to control my husband but his behaviour is very strange. This is not the man I married, please e so fun alaimasanfani Obinrin yin ko fi oko mi sile o (tell this useless woman to leave my husband alone).
If I go spiritual with her, you people will just hear that she is dead but I won’t do that because I also have children of my own. Please let her see this letter I beg of you. I have sent her several Direct Messages on Instagram but she decided to block me because she can’t stand all the curses am placing on her.
Please help me send this message directly to her if you have her phone number…. “
When the woman was asked to confirm how she came to a conclusion that the Iyabo Ojo she’s referring is the popular Nollywood actress, she refused to reply.

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