Why Ladies Hate To Date Broke Guys

Apparently, women have come to the conclusion that broke dudes don’t deserve to be in a relationship. While this might seem a little harsh, these women have their reasons for taking such a stand. Obviously, broke guys aren’t okay with this position, and their rich brothers are showing their support in solidarity.
As a woman gets past her teenage years, she begins to have a more realistic perception of life, and this affects her taste and expectations in men. As a teenager, a woman tends to be more attracted to good-looking guys and those with a swag for days.
But as she advances in age, she realises that good looks and swag can’t be used to buy things in the market or collect money in the bank. She becomes aware of the importance of money and tries to ensure that she’s well covered in that area.
Let’s take a look at some reasons why most women hate to date broke ass dudes.
  1. Lack of financial security
A woman wants to feel secured in finances. While she may truly love a guy, she wants to be sure that he’s capable of taking care of not just her present needs but any emergencies that may arise. She doesn’t want to lack the basic things in life especially when there are guys out there who can give her those things. Wanting financial security is far from gold-digging. A broke guy can barely take care of himself let alone someone else. If she chooses to be with him, she’ll have to “manage” most of the time, and managing is a thing most women detest. Why manage when you can have more?

  1. No romance
As the popular saying goes: “There’s no romance without finance.” When two adults come together to have a relationship, it takes more than love for them to have a good time. Even the greatest of love stands the chance of fading away without romance to keep the fire burning.
When a guy is loaded, he’s better equipped to be romantic. He could take her on vacation, give her surprise presents and sweep her off her feet by performing a romantic magic that only money can afford. When the inevitable challenges in relationships come up and she begins to have doubts about being with him, he could reset her brain by splashing money around in his romantic antics.
  1. He’s so predictable
Dating a broke guy is like a routine chore – it can be boring to the point of choking you to death. It’s the same thing every day. You can tell what he’s up to because he doesn’t have the resources to do otherwise.
At first, she could try to get along with it in the name of love, but after a while, it becomes unbearable. Being broke limits a guy’s performance in a relationship. Even when he has all the creative ideas to spice up the relationship, there isn’t much he can do because his bank account is nothing to write home about.

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