“Why I Performed With My NYSC Kit At OLIC 4” – LAX

Nigerian singer, Damilola Afolabi, popularly known as LAX got series of good and bad comments over his outfit on Stage at Olamide Live In Concert, OLIC 4, held last year December.
The singer jumped on stage wearing a complete National Youth Service Corps uniform. LAX has however explained why he chose to dress as a corp member to the event of that nature.
He said,
“I had just completed my National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, programme at the time, and I wanted to pay homage to the scheme and Nigeria in my own way.
I also wanted to inspire people to know that they can pursue their dreams and still go to school. It is not too good that people always like to dwell on the negatives when reacting to issues.
I really didn’t pay attention to anybody who criticised me, and that’s because the people who appreciated and commended me were more. Those were the ones that I paid attention to,”
While reacting to the widespread notion that his career has suffered the major setback after he left Starboy Records, owned by Wizkid and that Nigerians are not listening to his music anymore. LAX said;
“People who are saying that need to go and check the records. I had three big songs that had a lot of views online last year. I traveled to a lot of countries and I enjoyed massive love everywhere that I performed. I will be releasing my debut album this year and I want my fans to watch out for it. People should listen to good music, not trash.”

“To be honest, I have more fans outside the country than in Nigeria. Nowadays, one can actually go online and find out where the majority of downloads, streaming, and other Internet activities come from. And I have discovered that most of my fans are in the US, followed by Canada and London. Obviously, they want me there more and that’s why I usually go there on tour. I had amazing experiences when I traveled out of the country on tour. I went to about 14 cities in Europe and America.”

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