See The 10 Types Of Guys That Always Have Ladies Lurking Around Them For Relationship

Nigerian comic writer, Professor Tosyne2much has come again drawing the attention of people to the types of guys that normally have ladies lurking around them.
While some guys often complain about their village people being responsible for making them unattractive to ladies, it’s a different story entirely for other guys as they seem to be natural magnets for the ladies
This article brings to the the types of guys that ladies lurk around for relationship
1. Rich/Wealthy Guys
As we all know, money is the most prioritized thing in most relationships of today and guys who are known to be sufficiently okay in terms of finance always find ladies lurking around them like flies following poo. This is the main reason why rich and wealthy guys normally have easy access under the skirts of ladies compared to broke guys who always struggle and fight for it.
2. Abroad based Guys
The moment a guy travels abroad, all the ladies who refused to date him during his struggling days will start acting all nice and caring. That is when they start liking every of his post and picture on Facebook as a reminder that he should not forget them. Most abroad based guys always have lurking around the moment they return home and some of them use this opportunity judiciously to shine as many congos as possible before they return back.
3. Tall and Handsome Guys
Guys who are battling with nothing but inferiority complex will think that ladies are only attracted to money and nothing else; but the truth of the matter is that some ladies are actually attracted to guys that are altruistic and good looking, because, to them, handsome guys are public property that they want to flaunt to their friends and neighbours just to keep them wondering what’s so amazing about them that they managed to land a guy whose looks is so superior to theirs. Handsome guys who are very smart use their handsomeness to their own advantage that leaves many ladies lurking around them for dating. Only handsome guys whose village people are following get rejected by ladies every time.
4. Liars/Untrustworthy Guys
In all the many years I have lived on this earth as a Commissioner for Women Affairs, I have come to learn that most (if not all) ladies like to be sweet-talked, flattered and showered with praises, and that’s why they can’t explain how they find themselves in the hands of deceitful and manipulative liars. However, ladies consciously or unconsciously find themselves falling in love with guys who have mastered the art of manipulating the truth since they are being told what they want to hear. Many with agree with Tosyne2much that guy who have sugar-coated mouths know the weak point of ladies and that’s why ladies are susceptible to fall for their scam, unlike the honest and trustworthy guys who ladies not really give attention to
5. The Braggers/Noise Makers
If you want to date girls easier, just blow them by your money, luxury gifts and sweet compliments and watch how such expressions of vanity will make them chase you the way a sex starved rooster chases a hen. Guys who brag about what they can’t even achieve in ten years normally have the attention of ladies more than the guys who are taciturn about their wealth and accomplishments. The more reason why someone like Airforce1 will surely have the attention of ladies than any other guy here cheesy .
6. Yahoo Boys/ Musicians
As we all know, the lifestyle of an average Yahoo boy/musician is filled with lies, deceit, fakery and many more. They all live flamboyant lifestyle that attracts ladies just as sugar easily attract ants, and you know nothing wheels an average lady’s thinking faculty faster when she’s being assured of comfort and luxury. That is the main reason why many ladies want to be addressed as Hushpuppy’s girlfriend.
7. White-Collar Professionals
White-collar workers, such as accountants, bankers, doctors, pilots, attorneys and real estate agents have some kinds of personalities the society has ordained them worthy of a certain type of respect that most ladies buy into. A lot of ladies get blinded by the prestige associated with the profession that they go to the extent of forcing themselves on these men just because of the respect they will earn from their family members and neighbours for bring such a personality home as a potential husband
8. Intelligent/Brilliant Guys (Bookworms)
Ladies like to be in company of guys who are intelligent and know the world inside out. Of course, not that intellectual who just boasts around of his knowledge but someone who is also doing well in his academics. A academically sound guy automatically becomes attractive in the eyes of ladies (especially the ones who are academically bankrupt), and they always want to spend more time with him doing tutorials, assignments and all that. Most brilliant guys are usually very dull and can’t decode ordinary green light, only the smart ones try to organize tutorials for these ladies in their bedrooms and will end up torturing them on the bed.
9. Guys with promising future
Some ladies are so filled spiritually more than T. B Joshua that they can easily predict a guy’s future by mere looking at him. They already know if the guy is going to hammer soon or will remain poor for the rest of his life. Even though the thought of dating a broke guy irks many ladies, some people of them still get attracted to guys that have propensity for greatness, therefore, they know that if they can stick long enough with him, they may find a life of luxury and indulgence awaiting down the line.
10. Fake Pastors
These days, the way some pastors use the name of God to commit atrocities is so alarming. They follow anything on skirt using duress to corner gullible female members into their bedroom. In fact, some womanize a lot that their joysticks can easily be recognized by most female members of the choir.
I drop my pen at this juncture.
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Written by: Tosyne2much

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