OOU Students Blast B-Red For Duping Them

It was made known Last month that HKN Act, B-Red will perform at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye as part of his campus tour but alas B-Red failed to perform.

OOU Students slams the HKN Act and His Tour Team for deceiving the public and entire student populace that B-Red (HKN) would perform last night.

it was reported that B-red's team only made a deal to come and make use of the official venue "Map Lounge" for the School Tour, while speaking with one of the event Lounge manager, he disclose thatsome selfish and greedy members of B-red team decided to play "two cards" probably to make more money off him by taking him (B-Red) to another club (Limelight Hotel) in Ago  to perform and confusing people.

Some hours later, B-Red later decided to make use of his official tour event, students had already left in anger and he refused to perform to the few audience left.

In Short, the bulk of the blame is on B-red's team lack of proper preparation and management.

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