[Music] Toyin Joe Bassey – Ayomide

The universe responds to your strongest and most prolonged
imagination. If you think Joy, Joy ultimately comes to you. It is a
universal law; YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE.
Ayomide is undeniably the lead track in her 10 track debut album
titled My Tribute: delivered through a live recording concert.
AYO MI DE is a Yoruba phrase/name which literally means: MY JOY HAS
COME. God has guaranteed you Joy, but you are responsible for working
out your happiness. “For His anger is but for a moment, His favour
brings life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the
morning.” NKJV Ps 30:5.
God has given you authority to define your morning. Your morning is
your season of favour. Your attitude while waiting for that
breakthrough either hastens or delays his/her morning. It behooves you
to take permanent residence in your morning through thanksgiving,
praise, worship, prayers of faith and right speaking. Joy, favour,
goodness, restoration, deliverance, blessings…come in the morning.
In her words: Its interesting that this song came while I was chewing
popcorn…When it arrived the door of my lips it had no beat, no rhythm
only a tune…thank God for producer: Wale Adeoye, he gave it the ‘9 by
12’ beat, fusing your “jazzism” and pentatonic scales into it. My
prayer for the one listening to “Ayo mi de” is that your Joy will dash
to you speedily in Jesus name.” – Toyin Joe-Bassey

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