Cassper Nyovest: I’m The Biggest Hip-hop Act Out Of Africa

There’s no denying that Cassper Nyovest has accomplished some big feats in the local hip-hop industry, and as far as international coverage is concerned, the star has done quite well too. But if you’ve ever wondered what the star’s take on his position in the hip-hop game is, well, wonder no more.
Speaking to SlikourOnLife, Cassper revealed his plan to get the world talking in 2017.
“If you’re gonna blow up in the states it’s gonna happen from here. You can’t leave. That’s not how you do it. Because they didn’t leave America to blow up here,” the artist explains.
And although he says he’s got some international trips lined up, Cassper says most of the hard work will be done from home where everybody knows his name. “It’s better to do it from home. home, I mean Africa, not South Africa, like Africa as a whole. I’m the biggest hip-hop act on the continent, so why not practise on the continent? Why am I going to America and they don’t know me there. They know me in Africa.”
After the success of #FillUpTheDome and #FillUpOrandoStadium, the rapper says Americans are starting to take note.
“Go to America now and ask them about African hip-hop. There’s one name that will always pop up, and that’s because of the things we’ve done here.”
Reluctant to say much about his new album, Cassper promises that it is some of the best work he has done.

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