Tiwa Savage and her husband may comeback again see prove

When Tiwa Savage granted that famous interview after her estranged husband accused her of infidelity, it was as if nothing
in the world would make her live with the man again. Everyone empathised with her, particularly regarding her allegation of her husband’s use of hard drugs.

It was clear why she wanted her son far away from the father. But if there is one thing life has taught us about matters of the heart, it is “never say never again” as much of the body language from the ‘Kelekele love’ crooner in recent weeks shows that she may be taking her former manager-husband back into her open arms again.

The first hint dropped at the 3-Thrones concerts when she openly sought advice from Wumi and Tunde Obe on the success of their marriage. Then followed torrent of rumours that the husband has been seeing a shrink, to straighten him out, in preparation for being a good husband and dad again. Rumours can be rumours but pictures hardly lie (even in this age of photoshop).

Just days ago, Tiwa’s estranged hubby posted a picture of himself and their son, Jamil, playing together in a tub, again, stoking the speculation that the couple may just be getting back together again. Or at least, mum is not keeping sonny away from dad any more.

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