SolidStar Sets Contract Papers Between Him & His Former Record Label Ablaze

Nigerian singer, Solid star has left fans stunned after he set ablaze his contract agreement with his former record label, Achievas Record.

You would recall that sometimes this year, the singer called out his former label boss, Ossy Achievas who he accused of always wanting to see him sad. Solid Star revealed that he has been good to his former label boss and his family, even though all he wanted was for him to be sad.
Osy Achievas retorted back at the singer explaining that the singer did not generate 10% of the N100m he invested in his career in the 10 years they worked together. He further disclosed that the singer is owing him even despite parting ways peacefully in 2017. Solid star via his Instagram stories,  shared videos of himself burning the contract agreement two years after he left the label following their rocky relationship.

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