COVID-19: NASFAT Bans Gatherings, To Hold Programs Online

Channels Television  Updated March 19, 2020
Photo: NCDC

The Nasrul-lahi-li Fathi Society of Nigeria (NASFAT) has suspended all gatherings involving more than fifty persons due to the outbreak of coronavirus. 
In a statement on Thursday after an emergency meeting of the National Executive Council (NEC), the group also said, with effect from March 19th, 2020, programs organised by the body will now hold online.
“With effect from 19th of March, focus of the society will now be ONLY on Programs that can be done virtually (electronic/online) or with less than 50 persons,” the statement added.
“ALL activities with the likelihood of attracting 50 or more people will be suspended till further notice.”
Also, it revealed that the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Islamic body has been suspended except the “tree planting at Port-Harcourt and Aseese which are to hold as scheduled with a caveat that the total attendance must be less than 50 persons and social distancing observed with spaces between attendees.”
It said all electronic 25th anniversary programs will hold as scheduled, adding that “each NASFAT educational institution should follow the directives of the state government/education ministries to determine when to shut down.”
In addition, the body said, “All Jumuah service, tafsir session and Tahajudd program on Fridays at all our mosques/locations are hereby suspended immediately.”
NASFAT, therefore, called on its members to maintain all “COVID-19 etiquettes.”

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