Nigerian Company Bans Employees From Using “Mad Oh” & Other Slangs From Naira Marley

A Nigerian company has prohibited it’s workers from using slangs from Naira Marley’s songs.

Naira Marley’s influence contines to grow strong by the day and several organiztions and work places have put in drastic measures to prevent employees from displaying “Marlianistic” beahiours at work.  According to a Twiter user identified as Dr Olusesan, he happened to come across a company’s HR memo and was shocked by what he saw. The memo stated that the company’s employees are prohibited from using slangs like “Mad Oh” and other slangs derived from Naira Marley’s songs that doesn’t portray ethical speeches.
“I saw a company’s HR memo prohibiting use of “mad oo” by employees, within its business premises. It says all forms of vulgarity, “mad ooo” and innuendos derived from being Marlian, Naira Marley’s song, or street saying that doesn’t portray ethical speeches are banned. HR aye!”
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