Frustrated Man Burns School Certificates To Ashes, Says School Is A Major Scam (Video)

A Nigerian man has taken law into his own hands by burning his certificates out of frustration.
 Burnt certificates
Burnt certificates
A Nigerian man has showed the level of frustratiion in the country by burning all his school certificates to ashes because of his inability to get anything tangible with it.
According to him, school is a major scam as he will only end up being a slave to a white man if he keeps on attaching his success to his school certificates.
Burnt certificates
Butressing his point, the young lad mentioned Igbo men, and the fact that most of them are making serious money in Nigeria, despite being uneducated.
Filming the burning certificates, he also slammed our leaders for neglecting the masses whom they were called to serve, and focusing on themselves.
Watch the video below:

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